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Foolproof Combination

fool proof combination


From: Andrew Hutchinson, Managing Director, @home Nationwide

BYY brings focus and discipline to what is of paramount importance to the business.  In our case the programme undoubtedly helped us recognise, rank and achieve high priority goals in what transpired to be a period of great evolution for the company - it would otherwise have been easy for us to take our eye off the ball.

The programme brings other important benefits such as tightness of communications and an anchor to bring the whole organisation, not just the management team, together.

The fact that the programme is facilitated by an experienced external coach brings some of the greatest benefits.  In essence the business leader and team enjoy a coach; mentor; honest challenger; and someone they can use as a conduit to open up debates which are sometimes tricky to tackle.

The programme, with Bob King as its facilitator, undoubtedly and unequivocally paid for itself many times over across the whole of our business.

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