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Foolproof Combination

fool proof combination


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business coachingspacerMIND THE GAP!
We say that Coaching starts with identifying gaps. Gaps in performance, attitude or even understanding – and then helping to close these gaps.

This is what happens in any kind of coaching, for example at school, in sports (amateur and professional), life-coaching and so on.


Just like other coaches, a business coach helps to identify and define performance gaps in a business context and then works with their clients to close the gaps. The gaps can relate purely to business or to personal matters too. Developing a sound home/work balance is essential in almost all cases, so that we can look after all of the things which are really important to us in our lives. Things we call our ‘Values.’

bobking & associates specialise in working with organisations and business people. Gaps in performance tend to relate to what is widely known as ‘business scorecard’ measures.

So a business scorecard will usually contain Financial measures – sales volumes, profitability, budgets and so on, People measures – staff satisfaction, recruitment, absence, turnover. Similarly with Operational measures – which relate to internal processes and efficiencies and of course Customer measures from feedback, levels of complaints, repeat business and similar.

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